Tire Shredder Machine Price

What is a Tires Shredder?

Waste tires have a high recycling value, the output of fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire, rubber powder and other renewable resources, can create considerable economic benefits. But to get these valuable resources, tire shredder machine price is a disposal equipment you can't get around.

Tire shredder machine for sale
Tire shredder machine for sale

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This equipment is designed with the concept of energy saving, consumption reduction and emission reduction in mind, and is purposely designed with a structure that combines a twin-shaft shredder and a ring drum screen, crushing and screening in one, ensuring that the output and discharge size meet the production requirements at the same time.

Tire shredder can easily process various types of waste tires such as car tires & truck tires, diagonal tires & radial tires, pneumatic tires & solid tires, small car tires ≤ 800mm, large car tires ≥ 900mm.

How Much does a Tire Shredding Machine Cost?

Tire shredder price is determined by the configuration of the machinery, which is based on the feeding situation (tire size, input volume, wire and fiber ratio, etc.) and the discharge situation (block rubber, rubber granules or rubber powder; discharge size; separation of wire and fiber; dust removal and environmental protection features). If you just pretreat the scrap tires, you only need to buy a tire shredder, the price is about 11000-50000 USD.


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Applications of Waste Tires

  • Make rubber powder. It can be directly crushed into rubber powder and used to pave highways, which can save a lot of asphalt.
  • Make recycled rubber. After desulfurization to produce recycled rubber, used in the production of rubber pipe, rubber mat, etc., can also be added to the new tires in a certain proportion, can save a lot of natural rubber, synthetic rubber.
  • High temperature cracking. By pyrolysis, it decomposes heavy oil, carbon black and other important chemical raw materials.
Applications Of Waste Tires

There are also some methods that do not need to be processed :

  • Tires can be used as guardrails on both sides of the track;
  • To make decorations can be planted in which hanging orchids or on the surface of the color to do hanging ornaments, to use their own creativity;
  • Make swings or stack up to make chairs.

How does a Tire Shredder Work?

Tire shredder is used car tires by shearing, tearing, cut into small rubber blocks of suitable size. The addition of screen sorting can not directly pass a large block directly rotary into the shredding chamber again shredded until passed. The machine is the necessary equipment for the pre-use storage of waste tires (such as oil refining, milling, etc.). The machine is low speed, high torque, low noise, no pollution, the tool is made of DC53 material forging, durable, and has a good cutting effect on the steel wire inside the tire.

This new tire shredder adds the design of ring screen on the basis of the original tire shredder, which aims to screen the tire pieces. After screening, the large tire pieces will be screened out for a second shredding, thus its shredded materials appear more uniform compared to the ordinary tire shredder.

The motor drives the rotation of the cutter in the crushing chamber through the transmission system, then the tires with outer diameter ≤Φ1200mm which have been removed from the lip steel ring are fed into the feeding hopper of this equipment by conveyor, the tires enter the crushing chamber through the feeding hopper, the cutter crushes the tires by shearing and tearing, during the crushing process, the materials less than or equal to 50 × 50 are leaked out from the round mesh screen and enter the subsequent process; the materials larger than 50 During the crushing process, the materials less than or equal to 50×50 will leak out from the round screen and enter the subsequent process; the materials larger than 50×50 will return to the crushing chamber through the round tumbler screen for circular crushing until the size of the rubber block meets the requirements and then discharge the crusher.

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Advantages of Tyre Shredding Machine

  • The machine can crush large pieces of materials, baskets, pipes, plates, wood, tires, scrap metal barrels and large rolls of film that are difficult to powder;
  • The combination structure frame with precision processing of extra-thick plates, the strong rotating shaft with large angle hexagonal column, and the large diameter solid input hopper, so it can be put into large raw materials with confidence;
  • Unique rotary knife design and processing in terms of thickness, shape and order of arrangement, with strong shearing force and sharp blade, which can crush at a high rate.
  • low speed operation, low noise, less dust;
  • knives made of special alloy steel, strong and durable.

How to Choose A Tyre Shredder Machine

1) Determine the requirements. Mainly include what is the raw material for the manufacture of the tire shredder; how many tons of material per hour? What is the discharge size of the tire shredder? When these are clear, the individual needs will come out.

2) Contact several tire shredder equipment manufacturers to make a comprehensive comparison. If after contacting a number of companies, the information provided about the tire shredder is similar, then this parameter of the tire shredder is basically more in line with your actual needs.

3) When choosing a tire shredder manufacturer, the main considerations are the following: the price of the equipment, the after-sales service of the equipment, how the output capacity of the equipment. If the conditions allow, customers can consider themselves to provide raw materials for on-site trials to see how the equipment's operating conditions, the size of the output to meet their expectations.

Current Situation of Tire in China

According to statistics, China's annual scrap volume of tires alone is not less than 1.5 million tons, and increasing at a rate of 10% per year, while the recycling rate of only 30% a few days ago, seriously affecting the human living environment. China's annual consumption of rubber ranks first in the world.

Waste rubber resources recycling comprehensive utilization, the field is very wide, both to replace part of the natural rubber, but also in the field of new materials is the main raw material, China's rubber industry and the comprehensive utilization of renewable resources more has a huge role in promoting.

Harvest Services

  • We have all kinds of equipment in stock, production sites and test workshops for you to visit and choose.
  • According to the customer's different raw materials, different uses of demand, you can tailor-made machine equipment. In pre-sales communication with customers to understand the customer's relevant information, to find out what the customer's requirements for shredders, such as output, footprint, appearance and other special requirements. According to the actual situation to determine the program.
  • After-sales we will send professional technical engineers to the customer site to guide the installation work.